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Here are some ideas to help you sell these great brands to your customers:



Channellock® tools are a great fit for any manufacturing, plumbing, farming or automotive customer. Even if you don't have these types of customers, your customer could be selling to these types of industries. For example, if you have a bank that markets to farm businesses, think of the Channellock® tongue & groove as a sign-up giveaway for that bank.

Channellock® tongue & groove pliers would make an excellent employee gift for a plumbing company and being made in the USA is an added bonus for any union companies. We offer all of the tongue & groove sizes, so each year a different size tongue & groove can be given to add to the employee's tool belt.

If you have customers in the automotive industries, offer them a Channellock® air brake tool that they will be excited to add to their tool box!



Johnson Level®

With a wide variety of tape measure and level styles, there is a product to fit any industry professional to everyday household use.

The JobSite power tapes are tough to enough to withstand the construction jobsite, making it the perfect giveaway for a construction company.

For customers that are looking for products made in the USA, look to the Structo Cast Torpedo level by Johnson Level® which is manufactured in their Mequon, WI facility.




Klein® tools are made in the USA and are the tool of choice for the electrical and telecommunication industries. Klein® also makes a variety of utility bags that are used to keep track of the small pieces needed to complete a job. No more lost nuts, bolts or screws.

The side cutting high leverage plier by Klein® would be a perfect fit for any electrical or utility company. Klein® is the number one brand used by electrician. When giving a Klein® plier you can be sure they will be used on the job.

Klein® offers a made in the USA 5-in-1 screwdriver that's great for industry professionals or any person at home.




Crescent® is well known for their adjustable wrench, coining the name Crescent® Wrench. In addition to their wrenches, they offer a wide variety of locking pliers and tongue & groove pliers.

The Crescent® wrench is a great option for a promotion aimed at the automotive industry. The Crescent® wrench is made in the USA and the recognized brand for adjustable wrenches. Give a brand that is most known for their wrenches and it will be appreciated and remembered.

The locking pliers should be in every persons home to assist with the DIY projects. The nickel-plated finish resists rust and corrosion so your customer will have it for years to come.




With a variety of styles and colors, Nalgene® bottles are a great fit for almost any promotion. Whether it's an office going green with reusable bottles, a 5K event, or a giveaway for a local camp, your target audience will not be disappointed with a Nalgene®. All bottles are BPA free and most are made in the USA.

The 24oz OTG (On-the-Go) and 24oz OTF (On-the-Fly) are favorites for corporate giveaways as they are slim enough to fit in car cup holders and offer employees a reusable water bottle to keep at their desk. The OTG and OTF have the same bottle but the OTF cap is guaranteed to be leak proof whereas the OTG cap is built to provide similar functionality at a lower price point.

The 32oz WM Tritan water bottle is the most popular style Nalgene® offers. Carried in many retail and outdoor stores, this bottle is the go-to for outdoor enthusiasts. Made in the USA, BPA free and virtually indestructible, this bottle is a practical choice that comes in a variety of fun colors!


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